Released Items (Fall 2018)

2018-07-01: The PAK Exam Aid for QFIA is released.

2018-07-01: The PAK Study Manual Packages for QFIC / QFIA / QFIIRM are released.

2018-06-15: The PAK Flash Cards, the PAK Relevant Past Exam Questions, and the PAK Practice Questions for ERM / SDM are released.

2018-05-28: The PAK Online Seminar for ERM / CFE / SDM / LP / LRM / LFV U.S. is released.

2018-05-15: The PAK Study Manual for ERM / CFE / SDM is released. 

2018-05-15: The PAK Study Manual and the PAK Flash Cards for LRM / LP / LFV U.S. / LFV Canada are released.

PAK Product Information (Fall 2018)

Track  Exam  Product Information   Suggested Study Schedule   Sample  SOA Syllabus 


ERM* Detail Schedule Sample ERM Syllabus
CFE Detail Schedule Sample CFE Syllabus
SDM Detail Schedule Sample SDM Syllabus


Life Pricing Detail Schedule Sample LP Syllabus
 LFV US  Detail Schedule Sample LFV US Syllabus
LFV Canada Detail Schedule Sample  LFV Canada Syllabus 
Life RM Detail Schedule Sample LRM Syllabus


QFI Core Detail Schedule Sample QFIC Syllabus
QFI Advanced Detail Schedule Sample QFIA Syllabus
QFI IRM  Detail Schedule Sample IRM Syllabus


RP IRM Detail Schedule Sample RP IRM Syllabus

* PAK Study Manual will offer all the 6 extensions.


PAK Online Seminar (Fall 2018)

             Exam               Sample Video       Sample File   
 Strategy Section   Sample Detail
 Math Review  Sample Detail


             Exam               Sample Video       Sample File   
 ERM  Sample Detail
CFE Sample Detail
SDM  Sample  Detail


            Exam    Sample Video       Sample File   
LP (Reading #1) Sample Detail
LP (Reading #2) Sample Detail
LP (Exam Question) Sample Detail
LRM (Reading) Sample Detail
LRM (Exam Question) Sample Detail
 LFV U.S. (Reading #1)  Sample Detail
 LFV U.S. (Reading #2)  Sample Detail


            Exam                Sample Video       Sample File   
  QFI Core   Sample Detail
  QFI Advanced   Sample Detail

You can watch the online seminar videos on your PC/Mac, and smart phone (e.g. iPhone, iPad, Android, HTC).  


Purchase Information

Please go to ActexActuarial Bookstore, or FIA Bookstore to purchase the products.