FSA Exams

The PAK study materials and seminar videos were the cornerstone of my preparation for the CFEFD exam. I found the coverage to be very comprehensive and the forum was great for asking questions on the more difficult material. PAK made study time much more efficient and I was able to pass this exam… on the first try!

Matt L (CFEFD Exam)

I owe it to PAK, especially to Garry's awesome videos and the flashcards. I struggled a bit with this exam in the past, but this was the first sitting I purchased the entire seminar package and it evidently paid off. This was also the first time that I put in the effort to memorize the flashcards and I think that really made the difference with questions I would have otherwise left blank or run out of time on. I could listen to Garry's voice all day, his videos commanded my attention and I really appreciated how structured the slides were, it really helped commit the material to memory. I've used other videos in the past where there was a lot of free-form writing that I personally find very distracting and cumbersome. You have my utmost gratitude. Keep up the great work guys! 

Michele C. ( LA- LP Exam)

I used the PAK for preparing my ILA-LRM exam. The PAK Study Manual is very well organized and easy to read. It saved a lot of my reading time as I can basically used it on a standalone basis without the source material. The most important thing is, the customer service provided by PAK is excellent. I will definitely choose PAK products again for my remaining FSA exams. Thanks Francis and Eddy!

Bryon (ILA-LRM Exam)

I used the PAK test Aid and Exam Aid for preparing the RP-IRM exam. I found it useful. When receiving my feedback from Bell, he had told me that given my responses, I would pass the exam. I am so happy that it turned out that way. I encourage exam takers to use the PAK products for preparing for this exam. Best of luck to all!

Amy S (RP IRM Exam)

The QFIC PAK course was an excellent supplement to the core reading materials. The practice questions and helpful summaries are essential for understanding how very conceptual and abstract concepts from mathematical finance are applied on the exam. Bell was also a terrific resource and provided thoughtful responses to challenging questions

N.M. (QFIC Exam)

I used the PAK products in preparing for the QFIC exam. I found the Study Manual helpful in understanding the complex mathematical finance topics. I also liked the constant emails responses from Bell that truly help nail the materials. The MOCK problems were really helpful and show how some of the theories can be tested on the exam. I strongly recommend the PAK products for this exam.

G.W. (QFIC Exam)

Thank you very much for putting the PAK study package for the RP-IRM exam- I thought the study manual was very helpful and incredibly easy to read. I passed. Thanks again.

P.R. (RP IRM Exam)

Thank you so much for answering all my questions during the QFIA exams! The PAK Study Manual and your support were really helpful.

M.L. (QFIA Exam)

In order to pass the QFIC exam, i used both the official materials together with the PAK products. The PAK Study Manual really helped in understanding the materials, even in areas where there were many typos in the official readings. The Flash Cards and Condensed Summaries are great tools for memorizing. The PAK MOCK and Test showed great ways of how the mathematical finance could be tested. I am so glad of such an incredibly nice product.

S.H. (QFIC Exam)

The PAK study packages for both QFIC and QFIA were nice complements to the official readings. The summaries were helpful and easy to read. I found that the mock exams and concept-type questions were definitely useful. As a result, I passed both exams on the first attempt. Thank you for your help!

Jean-Francois B. (QFIC and QFIA Exam)

I passed the QFIA exam using the PAK materials. I found the whole PAK products package to be extremely useful. The Study Manual clearly explains the complex concepts while the 80+ MOCK show how you can be tested on it, the Condensed Summary and Flash Cards are great memorization tools.

Derek.W (QFIA Exam)

Fortunately, and with the help of PAK manuals, I was able to pass the QFIA this sitting. I look forward to studying with PAK manuals for ERM Spring 2016. Thanks very much for your wonderful manual and all the help you provided on both of the exams.

C.Y. (QFIC and QFIA Exam)

The PAK study manual is a comprehensive, structured, and time-efficient way to understand and memorize content. Mock exams and a pool of questions help you apply these concepts; not only in an exam context, but also for practical on-the-job scenarios. Eddy is both responsive and fastidious, doubling as an advisor for actuarial students. I look using PAK to pass my remaining exams on the first go. A glowing recommendation for all exam takers!

Rose Jin (ERM Exam)

Bell, with the help of PAK study manual and your personal explanations, I was able to pass the QFIC exam. The 90 MOCK questions you designed and the solutions you provided saved me. After going through them once, I was able to fly through the past SOA exams easily before the actual sitting. The morning quantitative section for spring 2015 exam was a real blood bath, I found it significantly more difficult than any of the past QFIC exams. I don't think I would have made it without the PAK manuals and questions-responses from your email exchanges. Thanks very much for putting together such a wonderful study material! I have, and will certainly continue, to strongly recommend this package to anyone I know that will be taking the QFI track. Thanks again for your help on the QFIC!

Calvin Y (QFI-IRM; QFIC and QFIA)

Given the enormous amount of content that’s on the exam syllabus, the summary materials provide an excellent condensed version that’s very readable, user-friendly and much easier to understand than the raw exam readings. This is supplemented with a variety of practice questions, sample example problems coupled with detailed solutions, and a user-forum that allows other exam takers to share their thoughts and provide their own personal insights on potential exam questions and alternative solutions to sample problems. I scored an 8 on my first attempt at the ERM-Retirement extension and I can honestly say that the toughest part of the exam was finishing the problems in the required time frame, NOT the difficulty of the exam questions. With the ERM exam being such a difficult exam, the various materials provided in the PAK manual equip candidates with more than sufficient information required to develop a thorough understanding of the material, and not just regurgitating information that only results in memorizing the materials (which does NOT work for this exam!). Unlike before I wrote this exam, rather than being scared when I hear the acronym ‘ERM,’ I feel confident in having a knowledgeable conversation with the senior level folks at my consulting firm and I no longer shy away from discussions about Enterprise Risk Management.

Chris R. (ERM Exam)

I found the PAK study materials essential in preparing, and ultimately passing the QFI IRM exam. They were the perfect complement to the official reading notes. Emails were also promptly responded to and certainly helped clarify areas I was weaker in. All in all a great experience and I would definitely recommend it for all candidates.

Boris Lau (IRM Exam)

I truly believe that using PAK study manual for my three FSA exams helped me passing each exam on the first attempt. The materials are very well organized, which makes it easier to understand and memorize.

Jerome B. (CFE, SDM, and ERM Exams)

I had used the PAK products for both QFI Advanced and Core. The Study Manuals are helpful in my preparation and the practice MOCK problems test my ability to answer exams questions. Thank you Bell, for putting together a great package for which there was not much of prior official exams to go by.

Yu.K (QFIC and QFIA Exam)

I have used PAK study materials for preparing for my FSA exams and I believe they are the best products on the market today. The thoroughness of the material, the ample review questions and the comprehensive online course made a difficult journey to FSA measurably easier. In addition, their responsiveness to my questions and customer service were always exemplary.

Mark (CFE and SDM Exams)

I used the PAK study package for both ERM and CFE exams. I found that the material was very well organized and helped me to grasp the important concepts. Many practice questions were provided with very detailed solutions which further aided my understanding of the material. Eddy and Paul also responded quickly to any questions that popped up. I would definitely recommend their products!

Rayna Boxill (CFE and ERM Exams)

I really enjoyed using all of the PAK materials for preparing for the QFI IRM exam. The practice problems were highly helpful and thank you for answering all my emails. The summary and flash cards were good for memorizing. Thanks to you Bell and the folks at the PAK!

Lilian X. (QFI-IRM)

PAK QFIC material is concise, powerful and easy to understand. I got a perfect 10/10 after using PAK QFIC Mock problems and practice questions. The instructor is also helpful to answer most questions raised.

Arthur K. (QFIC Exam)

Bell, I found the Study Manual and the other PAK materials quite useful for passing the exam. Thanks for the continued motivation, email exchanges and answering all the syllabus related questions.

Don.C (QFIC Exam)

When preparing for the QFIC exam, I used the PAK package. Though the QFIC exam was extremely challenging, I found the PAK products in general and the many MOCK problems and Test Aid in particular to be helpful, for they had helped practicing the though concepts, and many times, the intuition developed throughout the prep. process was helpful to attack the challenging exam questions. Thanks Bell for also responding to my regular emails.

J.B. (QFIC Exam)

The PAK study manual and memorization tools are great complements for the official reading. The 60 MOCK for QFIA and 76 MOCK for QFIC are the best feature of the products. I worked them all out and they helped me see how the materials could be tested.

KQ (QFIC and QFIA Exam)

PAK material provided me with a really comprehensive assistance process for preparing my ERM exam. I did not feel any time pressure through the entire studying period. It helps to organize a good and practical schedule, to quickly review and understand all the possible key learning points, to clarify any confused concepts through well maintained forum, to recall and rethink every key points through on-line video, to memorize and practice major concepts systematically, to keep you company through emails, and etc. I feel really happy that I can pass the ERM exam in my very first time when I take FSA exam. I will definitely choose PAK for the remaining two exams. Thank Eddy and your team for every efforts and great jobs.

Garret Xue (ERM Exam)

I have found the PAK materials very helpful for the IRM exam, and the constant communications have also helped along the way.

Syed (IRM Exam)

I have found the 76 MOCK to be good practice for building up to the official exam. I also appreciated the quick and reliable answers to the many questions that i had along the way.

Zhuo (QFIC Exam)

Thanks for all the PAK material. They were pretty helpful. I also appreciate the quick responsiveness to my questions throughout the study process.

Jeffrey Y (QFIC Exam)

The PAK Study materials, the proposed study schedule and the grouping of topics, and especially the PAK MOCK problems were very useful. Thanks so much for a great PACKAGE.

Jackson (QFIA Exam)

The PAK Study Manual effectively organizes the information of the ERM source material so that candidates are able to conveniently see all of the important points for each reading. Although they are technically summaries, the details of the readings are not sacrificed. In addition to that, the manual points out which past questions are relevant to each reading which allows candidates to practice answering exam questions immediately. This exposure gave me a good sense of what information the SOA would likely test the material. Also, the author of PAK is very responsive to questions. All in all, I would highly recommend using the PAK study materials.

Justin Yiu (ERM Exam)

I consider the PAK materials I purchased money very well spent. Comparing PAK's study notes to the source reading, you can tell the notes were put together with care and highlights the main points with clear presentation. The manual allowed me to focus on the main points instead of deciphering large volumes of source readings. I will be purchasing PAK resources again for my future exams.

Anonymous (ERM Exam)

Bell, thank you for your support in answering all my questions throughout the preparation for the QFIC exam. The 60 PAK Mock problems were very useful. They covered the main concepts of the official material and showed me how they could be tested on the exam.

The PAK study manual and Condensed Summary summarized the contents of the syllabus so that I was able to effectively prepare for the exam in a very short timeframe.

Jason Yeung (QFIA Exam)

Before I used the PAK study resources I’d take the ERM Exam two times, and failed both times. I studied very hard for both sittings, but was quite unprepared to answer the questions that were given to me on exam day. For my third sitting of the ERM Exam I choose to prepare by using PAK’s study resources and had a totally different experience. I studied just as hard as I had for the previous two sittings, but this time I recognized all of the material on the Exam, and even knew which specific reading(s) the question had come from. I also was much more prepared to answer the questions effectively because of PAK’s practice materials and Eddy’s reply. I did indeed pass on my third sitting, and I owe much of the credit to PAK. Thank You! I have tried using a few different materials for the ERM Exam and would never consider recommending anything other than PAK, it’s awesome. I am so grateful I finally found it, I only wish I’d found it earlier, I might not have had to take the exam three times.

Marc Roberts

ERM Exam

Without PAK study manual, I could not imagine how could I passed my QFIC sitting with a full-time job and 3-month preparation time constraints. The Condensed summary provided the main points readily to attack the exam. With no hesitation, I purchased PAK study manual for QFIA immediately after the QFIC result had come out.

Suravith Nirunpornputtha


The QFIA PAK mock questions were definitely the most useful item; several of the SOA exam questions asked were very similar to the ones in the PAK aid. Additionally, I think it was also very helpful having the list of past exam questions to go through prior to the exam, for those sections of the syllabus that had been tested in prior sittings. I also really appreciate the prompt response to all my email questions, you were very helpful in filling in any gaps I had in understanding.

Amber Lahde


Bell: Thank you very much for your help. The materials explains the quantitative problems clearly, and effectively highlighted the key points that should be focused on when answering the exam questions.

Chu Hau Man


Bell, I got a pass on the exam. The one on one assistance that you provided helped me understand the difficult topics/readings. Thanks again for all your help!

Clinton Stonacek


The materials provided through the PAK Study Package provided a simplified and efficient approach to understanding the material for this exam. Without the extensive preparation material and suggested study schedule, I likely would not have been nearly as prepared as I felt on exam day. I will most certainly be using PAK for my remaining FSA examinations!

Cameron Cole

LP Exam

The folks at PAK were very attentive to any questions I had, and the study guide provided a very good platform on which to base my studies. The formulae book and mock exam were very useful as well. I plan to use them again for any future exams.

Gary Marshall

LP Exam

The organization of the materials is hands down the best I've encountered. PAK provides you all the tools and more, you just have to be willing to use them. From having the Flash Cards on my phone so I can view them wherever I am, to having searchable PDFs of the Condensed Summary and Study Manual, everything is extremely well laid out. The Mock questions, Mock exam and Exam Aid are also very beneficial to make sure you're abilities are up to par before the real exam. You will not beat PAK's customer service, period. Here's to a pass - thanks Eddy!

Wes Smith

ERM Exam

The PAK study package provides an excellent preparation for the ERM exam. The combination of study schedule and digital materials (study notes, condensed summary , note cards) played a key role in helping with the prepartion of the exam. Exam questions were tied to different topics, which helped with getting a better understanding of the material. Eddy is extremely fast in responding to questions. Overall very impressed with PAK study package.

William Olaprath

ERM Exam

The study materials were very helpful in preparing me for the exam. I was able to understand the material better than I did by just reading the source material, and most importantly I was better able to apply the things that I learned to exam style questions. It was very organized and valuable.

Marc Roberts

ERM Exam

The exam was challenging as expected. The SOA hit most all areas of the syllabus and tested some fundamental but also a good deal of "outlier" or non-core material in my opinion. The manual was helpful as a supplement to the actual text books and papers.

The practice problems were the most helpful. Given the limited timeframe, I understand not a large set could be produced.

Eric Wolfe


I found that the 40 mock questions were very helpful and definitely a very important component of my study. The SM was helpful for some readings, but I usually like to make my own notes. Considering the circumstances that this was the first sitting of the exam, I am satisfied with the material. It can only evolve from there. Thank you.

Augustyniak, Maciej Jakub



I chose PAK because there were a lot of good comments on the actuarial outpost. When I bought the PAK Study Package, I understood why there were so many. Now, retrospectively, I can say that the PAK study package permitted me to use my study time very efficiently. I probably would have wasted 200 hours without PAK; instead I used these hours to do more exercises and memorize more lists. His summaries are to the point and well organized and this is the most important aspect for an effective study. I passed FETE on my first try with PAK. I am now in an optimistic mood to pass ERM and AdvF also on my first try. Thank you Eddy!

(By Jacek Augustyniak)

I passed AFE in April 2012, and just did FETE yesterday; I feel pretty comfortable about yesterday's exam. Without the PAK study manual/package, I could not have done what I have done for these exams. If there is someone out there looking for exam preparation material, PAK is the one she must choose.

(By Seung-Hwan Chang)

I found the PAK Study Package to be very helpful. It provided focus to a very broad syllabus. Thanks Eddy!

(By Michael Ewald)

PAK Study Manual has helped me prepared my FETE exam very well. I feel very happy that I have chosen the right study material for preparing my exam.

(By Kim Song Ngui)

I'm really appreciate PAK Study Manual, as it gives very comprehensive notes and concepts. Eddy is not play the roles as an author to the study notes but he also plays a lecturer's role to provide good advise to pass exam!

(By Yin Yin Oh)

Using Eddy's study material, I passed exam AFE on my first attempt with a 10! It was my first FSA exam.

In particular, I found the Exam Aid and Test Aid extremely helpful. Through these resources, Eddy taught me what to expect, how to answer FSA style questions, and maximize my potential score. This is especially important for students who have never taken an FSA exam before.

Eddy was also always so willing to answer any questions I had via email or during the live seminar, which I also attended. The live seminar was also very helpful because we covered all the potential calculation questions that were likely to appear on the exam. I would have been so lost without PAK and would definitely recommend it for anyone future FSA candidates! Thanks so much, Eddy!

(By Hanah Chae)

I would highly recommend PAK Study Package for FSA exams especially for FETE and APMV exams which I took. The study notes are well organized and explained to help you understand the source materials and supplementary exam aid is also very helpful.  You can definitely count on Eddy to be there throughout the entire process to help you learn the materials and explain any questions you might have regarding past exam questions as well as study strategies.  He is also encouragous and a wonderfuly person to work with!

(By Jasmine Pan)

PAK turns a traditional "read and practice" learning pattern into a multi-way learning experience, which encouraged us to interact with instructor. Towards the end of studying, we got plethora supports from last week study strategy to exam day strategy, which are extremely helpful.

(By AZ)

Eddy's study package product is fantastic as it covers ALL of the syllabus through reading summaries, condensed summaries, and flash cards. In addition he provides critical insight into the strategies needed to be successful. Finally the test aid and exam aid  products are the perfect supplements to a fantastic study package. I will buy again!

(By Andrew Jenkins)

I used Eddy's study program. The notes summarize the material saving countless hours, the practice questions and personal feedback are invaluable. I am not sure how Eddy finds time to produce the amount of exam support that he does and provide the personell attention that he does. What I can tell you is that it has gotten me through two FSA exams.

(By Benjamin Quiner)

The PAK materials cohesively summarize the syllabus material, add key explanations to difficult concepts, and provide resources to go from understanding the material to being able to show it on the exam. Having never sat for an FSA-level exam before, the additional support and tips provided by Eddy helped me to feel confident about what to expect come the day of the exam.

(By Jordan Givan)

Best study guide experience yet! Eddy's products are very thorough and especially useful for narrowing down the massive curriculum content. He is extremely informative, accessible, and helpful.

(By Adam Burns)

PAK Study Package is a complete product that prepared me to be very prepared to the exam. I do not know yet if I passed it, but I am sure that I couldn't have been better prepared with other study material. I suggest PAK materials to anybody who wants to increase their chance of passing the advanced exams!

(By Julien Proulx)

You did a wonderful job helping us to prepare for the exam!  The PAK package helped me to understand the materials more efficiently.  I cannot read all the original materials as some of them are not readable.  PAK study manual is much more organized and easier to understand.

I would alo strongly recommend the PAK live seminar for AFE.  After I attended the seminar, I had a much clearer idea how to prepare for the exam.

(By Yun Yang)

I'm very thankful for being able to discover PAK Study Package. PAK Study Package has really helped me a lot in my preperations for both the FETE and AFE exams. Reading the raw material without the study manual is fustrating and difficult to understand. With it, it helps me to understand the materials much better and in a shorter time frame. Besides that, it tells you which question is related to which topic, which helped me avoid wasting time all over to search for related past year questions. The PAK Flash Cards, Memorization Aid, and Condensed Summary helped me to understand the whole picture very well, and to see how the topics are linked together. I would highly reccomend this product if you want to pass your FSA exams as soon as possible. I've passed my AFE Spring 2011 with it (passed it on first sitting). As for the FETE Fall 2011, I can't tell since the results are not out yet. But I've got a good feeling that I will since I've prepared quite well for it with PAK Study Package.

(By Han Hui Thye)

The PAK Study Package is an excellent product!  In the Exam Aid, Eddy provides you with some really rigourous practice questions that cover all of the material on the syllabus.  This really helped me to find out what topics I needed to focus my attention on in the few weeks before the exam.  In addition, the Mock Exam (part of the Test Aid) is great because Eddy will give you feedback if you send him your answers.  Not having sit for an FSA exam before, I found this extremely beneficial because Eddy pointed out how I could improve my score by just doing some little things on the exam. 

(By Christopher Hessenius)

I really appreciate the structure of the preparation: readings followed by condensed summaries, which are in turn followed by even more condensed memorization maps. This structure allows you to tailor your studying given different time frames and jump to various parts that need strengthening a few days before the exam. It looks like several iterations have been used to put this material together and it makes a big difference. Thank you very much Eddy!

(By Pavel Sergeyev)