Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Fall 2022 Exam


1. Eddy Chan FSA CERA MAAA (eddy.chan@pakstudymanual.com) (Manual)

2. Paul Peterson FSA CERA (paulpeterson@pakstudymanual.com) (Online Seminar)


Purposes Features PAK Study Manual PAK Exam Aid PAK Flash Cards PAK Test Aid PAK Online Seminar PAK Study Manual Package
Study Summaries X X
Study Relevant Past Exam Questions (List) X X
Study 400+ Practice Questions X X
Study 10 Mock Questions X X
Study Spreadsheets (for Calculations) X X
Study Online Tutorial Videos X X
Study Suggested Study Schedule (Detailed) X X
Study Email Support X X
Practice 110 Mock Questions X X
Practice 900+ Practice Question Set X X
Practice Past Exam Questions from All FSA Exam Tracks (Sorted PDFs) X X
Practice Case Study Analysis X X
Practice Case Study Practice Question Set X X
Review Flash Cards X X
Review Bonus: Audio Flash Cards + Anki X X
Review Bonus: Condensed Summary X X
Evaluation Mock Exam X X
Bonus Bonus Materials X
Study Online Seminar X X
Pass Second-Attempt Guarantee (New)** X
Sample Sample Sample Sample Sample Sample Sample Sample

1. The PAK Study Manual offers six ERM extensions. Please note that you will need to choose one ERM extension out of the six available extensions.

2. The printed copy of the PAK Study Manual and PAK Flash Cards can be purchased separately.

3. The release date of the printed copy is on 6/15.


Purposes Features PAK Study Manual PAK Exam Aid PAK Flash Cards PAK Test Aid PAK Online Seminar PAK Study Manual Package
Study Summaries 5/23 5/23
Study Relevant Past Exam Questions (List)


Study 400+ Practice Questions 6/15 6/15
Study 10 Mock Questions 6/15 6/15
Study Spreadsheets (for Calculations) 6/15 6/15
Study Online Tutorial Videos 6/15 6/15
Study Suggested Study Schedule (Detailed) 5/23 5/23
Study Email Support Anytime Anytime
Practice 110 Mock Questions* 8/15 8/15
Practice 900+ Practice Question Set* 8/15 8/15
Practice Past Exam Questions from All FSA Exam Tracks (Sorted PDFs) 6/15 6/15
Practice Case Study Analysis* 8/15 8/15
Practice Case Study Practice Question Set* 8/15 8/15
Review Flash Cards 6/15 6/15
Review Bonus: Audio Flash Cards + Anki 8/15 8/15
Review Bonus: Condensed Summary 6/15 6/15
Evaluation Mock Exam 8/15 8/15
Bonus Bonus Materials To Be Announced
Study Online Seminar 5/23 + 8/15 5/23 + 8/15
Study Second-Attempt Guarantee (New)** Included

* The release schedule of these items may be changed. It depends on when the SOA will release the new case study.

** If students do not pass the exam, they can exercise the second-attempt guarantee and obtain free access on the updated materials for the ERM exam in the Spring 2023 exam administration.

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PAK Suggested Study Schedule (New)

20220620 Schedule

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PAK Online Seminar (ERM)

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Users' Feedbacks

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The organization of the materials is hands down the best I've encountered. PAK provides you all the tools and more, you just have to be willing to use them. From having the Flash Cards on my phone so I can view them wherever I am, to having searchable PDFs of the Condensed Summary and Study Manual, everything is extremely well laid out. The Mock questions, Mock exam and Exam Aid are also very beneficial to make sure you're abilities are up to par before the real exam. You will not beat PAK's customer service, period. Here's to a pass - thanks Eddy!

Wes Smith

The PAK study package provides an excellent preparation for the ERM exam. The combination of study schedule and digital materials (study notes, condensed summary , note cards) played a key role in helping with the prepartion of the exam. Exam questions were tied to different topics, which helped with getting a better understanding of the material. Eddy is extremely fast in responding to questions. Overall very impressed with PAK study package.

William Olaprath

Before I used the PAK study resources I’d take the ERM Exam two times, and failed both times. I studied very hard for both sittings, but was quite unprepared to answer the questions that were given to me on exam day. For my third sitting of the ERM Exam I choose to prepare by using PAK’s study resources and had a totally different experience. I studied just as hard as I had for the previous two sittings, but this time I recognized all of the material on the Exam, and even knew which specific reading(s) the question had come from. I also was much more prepared to answer the questions effectively because of PAK’s practice materials and Eddy’s reply. I did indeed pass on my third sitting, and I owe much of the credit to PAK. Thank You! I have tried using a few different materials for the ERM Exam and would never consider recommending anything other than PAK, it’s awesome. I am so grateful I finally found it, I only wish I’d found it earlier, I might not have had to take the exam three times.

Marc Roberts

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