Quantitative Finance and Investment - Quantitative Finance (QFI-QF) Fall 2024 Exam


1. Bell Ouelega FSA CERA MAAA CQF (bell.ouelega@pakstudymanual.com)



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Purposes Features PAK Study Manual PAK Exam Aid PAK Flash Cards PAK Test Aid PAK Study Manual Package PAK Study Manual Package + PAK Online Seminar
Study Summaries 5/30
5/30 5/30
Study Mock Questions 5/30
5/30 5/30
Study Suggested Study Schedule (Detailed) 5/30
5/30 5/30
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Anytime Anytime
Practice List of Past Exam Questions 5/30
5/30 5/30
Practice Mock Exam Problems 5/30
5/30 5/30
Review Flash Cards 5/30
5/30 5/30
Review Bonus: Condensed Summary
5/30 5/30
Evaluation Mock Exam
5/30 5/30 5/30
Study Online Seminar 5/30
Study Second-Attempt Guarantee (New)* Included Included

*If students do not pass the exam, they can exercise the second-attempt guarantee and obtain free access on the updated materials for the QFIQF exam in the Spring 2025 exam administration.

**The PAK Study Manual and the PAK Flash Cards are now available in the printed-copy format. The release date of the printed copy is on 6/15. Please send an email to us (services@pakstudymanual.com) for more details.

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PAK Online Seminar for QFI QF Exam 

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Users' Feedbacks

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The QFIA PAK mock questions were definitely the most useful item; several of the SOA exam questions asked were very similar to the ones in the PAK aid. Additionally, I think it was also very helpful having the list of past exam questions to go through prior to the exam, for those sections of the syllabus that had been tested in prior sittings. I also really appreciate the prompt response to all my email questions, you were very helpful in filling in any gaps I had in understanding.

Amber Lahde

Bell: Thank you very much for your help. The materials explains the quantitative problems clearly, and effectively highlighted the key points that should be focused on when answering the exam questions.

Chu Hau Man

***I used the PAK QFI Core study manual to complement the official readings in order to prepare for the QFI Core exam. Reading through the QFI Core Study manual was as a great complement that helped reinforce the concepts. The PAK MOCK Exam questions were the best feature of the PAK products. I went through all 60 PAK MOCK exam problems, as well the Fall 2013 SOA released exam. The PAK MOCK Exam questions helped internalize different applications of the concepts and theories learned in the official reading, especially, the part on financial math, for which SOA past exams was lacking. I can definitely think of at least two problems from the May 2014 SOA exam where doing the PAK MOCK Exam problems helped me solve the actual exam questions. As a result of combining the PAK Study Manual products and the official reading, I passed with a grade of 10/10.

Qian Kenneth C

The QFIC PAK course was an excellent supplement to the core reading materials. The practice questions and helpful summaries are essential for understanding how very conceptual and abstract concepts from mathematical finance are applied on the exam. Bell was also a terrific resource and provided thoughtful responses to challenging questions.



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