Quantitative Finance and Investment - Portfolio Management (QFI PM) Fall 2020 Exam


 1. Bell Ouelega FSA CERA MAAA CQF (bell.ouelega@pakstudymanual.com)




Purposes Features  PAK Study Manual   PAK Exam Aid   PAK Condensed Summary  PAK Flash Cards  PAK Test Aid   PAK Study Manual Package PAK Online Seminar
Study Summaries X
Study 5 Mock Questions X
Study Concept-Type Questions X
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Practice List of Past Exam Questions X
Practice Mock Exam Problems X
Review Condensed Summary X
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Purposes Features  PAK Study Manual   PAK Exam Aid   PAK Condensed Summary  PAK Flash Cards  PAK Test Aid   PAK Study Manual Package PAK Online Seminar
Study Summaries 6/17 + 8/30
6/17 + 8/30  
Study 5 Mock Questions 8/30
Study Concept-Type Questions 8/30
Study Suggested Study Schedule (Detailed) 6/17
Study Email Support Anytime

Practice List of Past Exam Questions 9/30
Practice Mock Exam Problems 9/30
Review Condensed Summary 9/15
Review Electronic Flash Cards
Evaluation Mock Exam
9/30 9/30  
Study Online Seminar 6/17 + 9/30
Study Practice Question Set 9/30
Study Review (Past Exam Questions) 9/30


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Users' Feedbacks

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Bell, thank you for your support in answering all my questions throughout the preparation for the QFIC exam. The 60 PAK Mock problems were very useful. They covered the main concepts of the official material and showed me how they could be tested on the exam.

The PAK study manual and Condensed Summary summarized the contents of the syllabus so that I was able to effectively prepare for the exam in a very short timeframe. 

Jason Yeung

I found that the 40 mock questions were very helpful and definitely a very important component of my study. The SM was helpful for some readings, but I usually like to make my own notes. Considering the circumstances that this was the first sitting of the exam, I am satisfied with the material. It can only evolve from there. Thank you.

Augustyniak, Maciej Jakub

The exam was challenging as expected. The SOA hit most all areas of the syllabus and tested some fundamental but also a good deal of "outlier" or non-core material in my opinion. The manual was helpful as a supplement to the actual text books and papers.The practice problems were the most helpful. Given the limited timeframe, I understand not a large set could be produced.

Eric Wolfe


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